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The National Historical Machinery Association Inc. is an association of enthusiasts formed in 1987 by a small number of clubs with similar interests which provide a fellowship for people with a common interest in collecting, restoring, exhibiting or being associated with old stationary engines, tractors, machinery and vehicles.

Machinery Preservation Club Of W.A.

The MPC is for people with an interest in machinery that is worthy of preservation and displaying to the public, and the MPC is a member of the National Historical Machinery Association, which is the governing body for like minded Clubs in Australia.

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Antique Gas Engine Bulletin Board



The Old Machinery Magazine is an Australian bi-monthly magazine with regular feature writers, and articles on stationary engines, vintage tractors, steam and marine. We have subscribers Australia-wide, and 11 other countries around the world.

Educational Information

Animated Engines

Here you'll find animated illustrations that explain the inner workings of a variety of steam, Stirling, and internal combustion engines.

Engine Registers

Southern Cross Engine Register